Over 24 years in Business, Management, Capacity Building and Economic Development with a specialization in Grant Writing, Evaluation and Accreditation. Experienced in working with clients within the social services, private schools, after school care programming, youth build and faith-based arenas. Recognized and named "The "Rain Maker" by clients. Owned and operated youth program with nearly a half million dollar budget for multiple years.

In recent years, secured over 6 million dollars in grants via local and state government funding. Just within the past 11 months, acquired 5.8 million in grant awards. Works closely with private schools to obtain accreditation and grants to grow their organization. 

Significant experience in strategic planning, facilitating accreditation process, working with nonprofits, churches/ faith-based organizations as well as helping them obtain the necessary tools, resources and funding to mobilize their missions and ministries. Has designed, developed, implemented and evaluated successful programs.  Negotiated and implemented grant contracts with The Children's Trust, Miami-Dade Public Schools, Hillsborough Public Schools, Orange County Public Schools, and Pasco Public Schools. Developed marketing campaigns resulting in quality leads. Designed cost effective fundraiser activities for many nonprofits.